The Mitani Chicken Salt story is a family story.

It began in the early 1950’s, when Elia ‘Loui’ and Trianka Mitani emigrated to Australia in search of a better life for their young family.

Bringing joy to those around them through food came naturally, so, unsurprisingly the family entered into the food business.

The family’s interests in food started in market gardens and delis but quickly expanded into food production and distribution in the 1970s.

It was during this time that Mitani Chicken Salt was born.

Originally created as a seasoning for rotisserie chickens, Mitani Chicken Salt’s versatility soon became apparent and today it’s used to season and add flavour to a wide range of foods and dishes.

Mitani derives great pride from its involvement in creating what is considered to be a unique and much loved Australian food icon – Mitani Chicken Salt.


Key Ingredients

Sea Salt

Rice flour




Secret Herbs & Spices

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